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Solar Power for Your Home

In the past decades, solar power is one of the dominating mainstreams of residential electricity in every home. Solar power is being produced through the collection and conversion of the sunlight into electricity. This is possible through the use of solar panels, a large and flat tool consisting of several solar cells. Oftentimes, it is widely used in remote and isolated areas though nowadays urban areas are also starting to appreciate its usefulness.

What are the Benefits of Solar Power to Your Home?

Lower utility bills and payments? Definitely, it will lead to the reduction of your electricity bills. Of course, the more electricity you save the money you will save also. Simplicity. Compared to other high tech gadgets that offer great help, solar power panels are simple. Therefore, the maintenance is also simple. You don’t need to do anything but take care of it. Aside from that, it will also provide reliability. You can make sure that purchasing solar power is not a waste of money because it can last for as long as 25 years. Subsidy Its positive impact to the environment and family is been the reason why the government is interested in promoting it to the society. Energy independence is also achieved through the use of solar power. However, the government still needs to attract investors for the promotion of the solar power. Solar cells are tiny semi-conductor panels which are mainly made of silicon and any other conductors. Whenever the sun rays reach these solar cells, electrons are being released by chemical reaction which will later generate electricity. Solar cells most commonly known as photo voltaic cells in the United States are found mostly in the home appliance that you have. Using the photo voltaic energy in your home is really rewarding and very eco-friendly and will help you in conserving your electricity.

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solar power service guarenteeOur passion is to bring this amazing new technology to the world, and to help people get it. We believe solar can significantly help make this world a better place. Solar is also much cheaper then traditional power sources, and is totally clean and renewable. We can also help you own the panels to increase the value in your home too! That is why we strive to bring the best service and support with all our clients!

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How Do Solar Panels Work?

how solar power works on homesThe solar power panel gathers sunlight then the electrical molecules will flow into the solar power electrical system and convert it into electricity. This will flow out on the panels down to the inverter and to other devices. It will be converted by the inverter from DC power into AC power. The electricity produced by the PV system is used in powering the electrical system as well as the appliances in your home. In connection to this, PV system can be installed even on a stand-alone basis. It means that it can be attached on the roof with a different set of system or either uses integrated materials which can have two functions. The first function is to serve as a regular roof for your house and the other one is to be a solar power cell that will generate electricity.

You can use a net energy meter to keep on track on the amount of power that it produces. The unused energy will go back to the grid with the use of the meter. But then on cloudy days, when the sun is not present, your consumption of the electricity is normal in the grid. Your bill will be based on the net consumption that you have consumed in a specific billing period.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

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Solar Power for Your Home

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